New Age Skin Revitalizing Precursor Gel Mist – 100 ml. 3.40 oz.


What is included:

  • New Age Skin Revitalizing Precursor Gel Mist (100ml)

What it is:
This New Age Skin Revitalizing Precursor Gel Mist is very a unique and exclusive nicotinamide riboside and vitamin B complex tailored to help supplement the decline in the energy enzyme’s activity of the skin.
Who it is for:
This gel mist is suitable for everyone who wants to have a tighter, energized, brighter and resilient youthful younger looking skin.
What it does:
This gel mist plays a very important role to help prepare your skin to receive the utmost nutrition within the Precursor regimen and to help super hydrate your skin at the same time. This formula has been created to help increase and nourish the vitality level of skin and to help to improve the appearance of youthful and healthy skin. The more you use it, the more it will help leave your skin with renewed translucency and youthfulness. Energy means everything in relating to our overall healthier, younger and purer appearance.
Apply half pump of mist directly to your palm; do not use cotton balls • Massage the mist/fluid onto your clean, dry face, and carry on to your neck, decolletage and hands CAUTIONS/DISCLAIMERS/TEST PATCH INFORMATION: keep out of eyes. Stop use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.

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