Chinese Ginseng Youth Restore Night Cream – 1.70 fl. oz


What is included:

  • Ginseng Night Cream (50ml)

What it is:
This Ginseng Night Cream particularly developed to calm and sooth, to repair and rejuvenate simultaniously while the skin is at rest. One of its kind cream, use 2 major performing functions – stimulate energy, and calm body system. Together with concentrated Western multiple peptides, high percentage of Amino Acids, Resveratrol, Karatin, Vitamins that created special synergy to speed up the performance of anti-aging effect. The next morning your skin will appear rejuvenated, repaired, smoother, softer and lustrous with a younger looking appearance.
Who it is for:
This cream is for any woman who has shown signs of aging, dull skin, dry skin with fine lines and deep wrinkles. Who wants to have her skin repaired, rejuvenated with luminosity as a youngsters.
What it does:
This one of its kind night cream highly effective to help calm, sooth, repair and rejuvenate the skin while skin is at rest in the evening. A luxurious rich cream that helps to stimulate and calm the skin samultaniously. It promotes to enhance the skin smoothness, texture, age spots and provide skin with natural healthier glow.
Give yourself an immediate hydrated, smooth, and revitalized effect • Use in the evening on clean dry skin or after Lily Herbceuticals facial serums • Apply in a circular motion allowing absorption before going to bed.

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