We’re scientists.  We live for that “A Ha!” moment when those endless hours of research leads to a breakthrough.  For us, it’s the ultimate high.  You walk around with your feet barely touching the ground and you can’t stop talking about it with your colleagues and peers.  At some point someone close to you says, “enough, already!”  And then, it’s back to the laboratory working for the next “A ha!” moment to come along.

That’ about sums up life at Lily Bioceuticals   The laboratory is a hive.  It’s buzzing with activity at all hours.  It’s typical to see a biochemist pausing for a cup of coffee in the breakroom with patches of cosmetics and serums on all uncovered parts of the body. 

At Lily, we are all motivated by a simple principle:  We can’t just wait for the future to happen, we have to create it  It’s not enough to merely change a fragrance or texture and re-package and re-market the same old stuff.  Every product we produce must accomplish goals on a much bigger and grander scale.  That’s why we live for that “A Ha!” moment.

Here’s a perfect example: Look at the ingredient list on most major anti-aging serums.  In almost all cases the number 1 ingredient – therefore the highest volume ingredient – is water.  Not on our serum labels.  We developed herbal bases with concentrated anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants that allow us to use higher percentages of active ingredients in our formulas.  The result?  Unprecedented clinical testing findings and a record amount of five-star reviews on the shopping channels that feature our products.

Another game-changer: We realized there’s a world way beyond Retinol, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid; the basic threesome that has been the backbone of the anti-aging industry since the last century.  We introduced the cosmetic world to NAD+, Pterostilbene and NR – 21st Century anti-aging breakthroughs that promise to change the appearance of aging like no other ingredients before them.

And now, with the development of Beyond Flawless™ Second Skin, the entire cosmetic industry stands to undergo a significant reboot.  We’re not just “tooting our own horn”, all of the major firms realize that “second skin” is the future staring us in the face – our much younger-looking face.

We made a promise to change the face of aging.  We intend to keep that promise.

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We extract our own herbals, we do our own bio-fermentation, we insist on a level of quality and purity that requires us to formulate, manufacture and package in one location, under strict control.- MADE IN USA!

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