Tibetan Safflower Youth Restore Instant Wrinkle Repair – 1 fl. oz


What is included:

  • Tibetan Safflower Youth Restore Instant Wrinkle Repair (30ml)

What it is:
Instant fine line and wrinkle repair cream formulated with potent Tibetan Safflower plus high volume of multiple amino acids, and peptides, which catalized a group of unique enzymes and proteins that helps to improve circulation. This remedy is an advanced technology unleashing a potent yet less evasive alternative to popular Botox® treatments. The remarkable formula helps to repair the appearance of your wrinkled skin on contact allowing your beauty to radiate. It is amazingly correct your wrinkles on instant, but with long-term multi-tasking benefits for ultimate younger looking skin. It is a must to have product if you want your skin with wrinkles free appearance.
Who it is for:
This fabulous product is ideal for any woman who wants to have a wrinkle free smooth skin texture. Who wants to attend a reunion party, a date or have a beautiful picture taken. Who wants to have a youthful younger looking skin.
What it does:
This Instant Wrinkle repair cream helps to correct the appearance of your wrinkled skin, uneven skin tones, and smooth out skin texture on contact. Protect and correct skin’s overall condition and enhance skin tone, texture and provide skin with natural healthier appearance.
Give yourself an instant beautiful wrinkle free and smooth texture skin. • Use any time desired on clean dry skin, squeeze small amount onto the palm and massage onto the skin where you want to correct the skin tones, wrinkles and uneven skin texture • Apply in a circular motion allowing absorption before applying makeup.

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