New Age Face Energy Balancing & Rejuvenating Mask – 5 treatments

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What is included:

  • Lily Herbceuticals Lily’s New Age Energy Balancing & Rejuvenating Mask (5 count)
  • Tweezer Tool

What it is:
Lily Herbceuticals Lily’s New Age Energy Balancing & Rejuvenating Mask is an easy-to-use facial mask to help provide you with more youthful-looking skin.
Who it is for:
This item is suitable for all skin types.
What it does:
This mask with a tweezer tool is loaded with a high percentage of actives, including NAD+ Complex, which is one of the latest in 21st Century technology in anti-aging. NAD + Complex is paired with pterostilbene, which is also the next generation of resveratrol. This cutting-edge technology is designed to help provide you with anti-aging benefits such as brightening, firming, lifting, hydration, softening and youthfulness to your skin.
Use once a week, suggested in the evening before bed time on clean and dry face • Take one mask out of the tube, and shape it to your face. Pat the mask until it makes full contact with the face, and fold the excess mask edge under the chin • Leave it on for about 20-30 minutes • Do not wash your face after using the mask • Make sure to keep the tube closed at all times, store in a cool place (best in refrigerator), and avoid lights +D26 Usage

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