Tibetan Snow Lotus™ Retinol Max-Strength Skin Luminous Serum – 1.35 fl. oz

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What is included:

  • Tibetan Snow Lotus Skin Luminous Serum (1.35oz/40ml)

What it is:
Tibetan Snow Lotus Skin Luminous Serum is a unique hero skin care serum. It combines 5,000 years of traditional Chinese herbal medicines with cutting-edge Western science and technology and ingredients to help address all aspects of aging skin problems.
Who it is for:
This Snow Lotus Skin Luminous Serum is formulated for anyone who wants help achieving clearer, purer skin and to help reduce signs of aging. It is also for anyone who wants help get beautiful smooth, moisturized and radiant porcelain-like skin.
What it does:
This serum helps recover skin cellular energy levels lost due to aging with a rare special group of natural proteins and enzymes. It helps diminish fine lines, deep wrinkles and sagging skin as well as repair and heal damaged skin cells and promote skin cell turnover. It also provides moisture throughout the day and helps enhance skin hydration. It stimulates collagen synthesis and protects your skin to help reduce and minimize pores for firmer, tighter and smoother skin.
Let this serum help enhance the feeling and appearance of your skin. • Use generous amount over face and neck in a circular motion after skin toner or beauty fluid • Allow to completely dry before applying creams.

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