Triple Hydration Body Therapy Exfoliating Tonic Peel – 5.5 fl. oz.


What is included:

  • Triple Hydration Body Therapy Exfoliating Tonic Peel (163ml/5.5oz)

What it is:
Unlike any other skin peels that either contain fruid acids, harch scrubs or enzymes, this triple hydration peel does not contain any of these harch chemicals. It is using the natural Traditional Chinese Herbal medicines to react to your pH level and create a “roll and lift” technology for removing all the dead skin cells as well impurities. Added potent herbal brightening ingredients, pepetides, you will see the clinically proven results that your body skin is super hydrated, brightened, firmed and lifted. this body peel truly provide you with a therapeutic anti-aging treatment effect to your skin.
Who it is for:
This cream is suitable for everyone, and all skin types.
What it does:
This luxurious body peel exclusively developed to provide ultra-gentle, effective, exfoliation without harsh acids, scrubs or enzymes. Pure natural coconut water as product base. Rich in minerals, and possesses the ability to clear up, moisturize and tone the skin from within. This most innovative product has patent-pending blend of natural herbal tonics, which is designed to exfoliate the dead skin cells, and also gently lift and roll away the impurities from a gradual process of light to deep skin layers. Clinically proven to hydrate, protect, brighten and condition your skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter and more radiant skin while maintaining excellent moisture levels. Unlike any other peel on the market it causes no redness or irritation and shows much better results.
Use 2~3 times a week. Must be applied on dry skin. • Squeeze one or two quarter size amount onto the palm, and massage onto the body area that you want to exfoloate to remove the dead skin. Massage for about 2~3 minutes, and then rinse off with warm water. Suggest to use before shower on dry skin.

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