Meet Lily Kruel


Accomplished Bio-Chemist, 3 rd generation practicing Chinese herbalist, entrepreneur, TV Co-host, wife, mother and pet-parent to several dogs, Lily is a woman with many achievements and twice as many passions. She and her husband, Michael love to cook, especially for their dogs who have developed quite the gourmet palates as a result of their indulgences. But Lily’s first passion is science. She is ethically bound to produce formulations that actually achieve the results she sets for them.
She won’t release a product that doesn’t meet
her rigid standards.


Lily has never followed the crowd. She has always explored the limits and possibilities and has always gone beyond the accepted norms. Her unconventional approach has been justified by the unprecedented laboratory clinical trial results of her products.

Lily presents her products on TV shopping channel in Canada & Australia. Customers love her passion and her products!

Lily Presents her New Age, New Era skin care regimen on TV Shopping Channel in Canada


Lily presents Jade Skin Luminous Firmer on the Shopping Channel.

Lily presents her New Age, New Eye Restore Serum on TV Shopping Channel.

Lily presents traditional 3 pcs for a “show stopper” on the Shopping Channel.

Lily presents her Tibetan Eye Dark Circle Defense on the TV Shopping Channel.