New Age, New Era Regimen Book and Cleanser DUO

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What is include:

Advanced Energizing Mousse Cleaser 125ml, 4.2 fl.oz
New Age Energy Beauty Fluid 100ml, 3.4 fl.oz.
New Age Energy Beauty Serum 40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.
New Age Energy Day & Night Cream 50ml, 1.7 fl.oz.

What it is:
New Age, New Era Regimen Book(3 pcs products) and Mousse Cleanser DUO is a complete anti-aging regimen. Mousse Cleanser contains high level energy molecules. When customers use this product and massage onto their faces, it awakens skin in a most effective, gentle and natural way without caffeine. Loaded with anti-aging active ingredients, it helps nourish skin with powerful active nutrients while helping cleanse, detoxify. It also contains Salicylic Acid, vitamins, Rose Oil, Silk Amino Acid, Silk Peptides, Cotton Extracts, Shea Butters and herbal brightening agents. This rich cleanser helps to soothe, calm skin redness and breakouts. It helps to stimulate circulation, nourish and hydrate skin at the same time. Luxurious feel and scent, leaves your skin feeling silky soft and velvet.

The 3pcs of New Age, New Era Anti-aging Skin Care Regimen, is the first ever on the market to use the most innovative, advanced, proprietary compound NAD+, and Pterostilbene. The formulation provides key essential energy molecules to the skin day and night for an ultimate youthful, vital appearance from a root cause treatment approach. In addition, this 3-pc science based collection of products includes high amount of Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides plus many more active antioxidants, proteins, amino acids and multi vitamins. These powerhouse formulations are incomparable to any products currently on the market; customers will see their overall skin conditions improved dramatically in a short period of time. The results will change their expectations.

Who it is for:
This complete regimen DUO is developed for anyone who wants to turn her/his aging process in the fast reverse gear. Who wants to have yourthful smooth, energized and radiant skin. Who wants to have overall younger looking appearance, and being beautiful and confident. For all skin types.
What it does:
This DUO gives you a complete anti-aging skin care ritual. Cleanse, detoxify, and energize your skin in a root causee treatment approach. Parallel with the most renowned bio-scientists in anti-aging researches and development that use the 21st century of anti-aging technology and ingredients to dramatically improve the overall skin conditions in an energitic way. Clinially provenn the results are quick, phenomenally dramatic for your most beautiful younger looking skin.
Advanced Energizing Mousse Cleanser
Use morning and evening daily. Liberally moisten face with warm water & lather a small amount on face using circular motion and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry before applying additional serums or creams.

New Age Energy Beauty Fluid
Apply on clean dry skin in the morning and evening daily before Energy Serum. Pump out the fluid directly onto the palm of your hand, and massage onto your face, neck and hands, do not use cotton balls. After using this beauty fluid, apply your serum, cream and make up.

New Age Energy Beauty Serum
Use am & pm daily. Apply serum on clean dry skin after Beauty Fluid. Apply 2-3 drops onto your palm and massage immediately onto your face, neck and hands before using your cream and make up.

New Age Energy Cream
Use am & pm daily. Apply cream on clean dry skin in the morning and evening. For best results, use after Beauty Fluid and Energy Serum. Pump out 1 – 2 drops and massage onto your face, neck and hands. After using this cream in the morning, you can apply your make up.

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