Tibetan Chrysanthemum Matrixyl 3000 Max-Strength™ – 1.70 fl. oz

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What is included:

  • Tibetan Crysanthemum Retinol Maxrixyl 3000 Max-Strength Age Corrector (50ml)

What it is:
The ultra light and luxurious Tibetan Crysanthemum Matrixyl 3000 Cream that combines 5,000 years of traditional Chinese herbal medicines with cutting-edge Western science and technology and ingredients to help purify, detoxify and help keep healthy revitalized and moisturized skin. Tibetan Chrysanthemum possesses strong cooling and soothing properties, together with high percentage of Matrixyl 3000 petides, and vitamins to help smooth out wrinkles and skin texture fast and quick.
Who it is for:
This fabulous product is ideal for any woman who is looking for a powerful anti-aging, anti-wrinkle product that works! Who wants to reserve her youthful complexion for the delaying her aging process. Who wants to get rid of her deep wrinkles, fine lines, rough skin texture, redness, and sagging skin. Who wants to own an ultimately young, energized and beautifully amazed skin.
What it does:
This highly effective cream helps protect skin’s overall condition with high level of powerful ingredients against external aggressions. it also helps enhance skin tone, texture and provide skin with natural healthier shine.
Give yourself an immediate calming and soothing effect. • Use daily E10on clean dry skin or after Lily Bioceuticals’ facial serums • Apply in a circular motion allowing absorption before applying makeup.

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