New Age Re-Energizing Trio

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What it is:
Lily’s New Age Re-energizing Trio include an anti-aging Advanced Energizing Mousse Cleanser, a feather-light luxurious and rich mousse that helps to give you lean, refreshed and energized skin. The trio also include the triple-layer brightening serum, a New Age High Energy Intense Matrix that helps to reveal your most vital, youthful and beautiful skin you have been looking for. The last item included in this trio is the the New Age Energy Cream that helps to improve dull skin, sagging skin, and minimize enlarged pores with multiple peptides. This trio is luxurious, powerful and effective that will give you an amazing anti-aging results, be loved by customers used.
Who it is for:
These products are suitable for everyone who is looking for product that does what it says for all-around anti-aging skin care results!
What it does:
Advanced Energizing Mousse Cleanser: This product helps provide pure, rich lather that helps gently remove all traces of makeup and lifts impurities and pollutants without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. It helps leave skin clean, refreshed and energized. The most uniqueness of this light weight cleanser is that it contains high level energy molecules. It helps awaken skin in a most effective, gentle and natural way without caffeine. Loaded with anti-aging active ingredients, it helps nourish skin with powerful active nutrients while helping cleanse and detoxify. It helps energize and awaken skin without caffeine. Loaded with salycylic acid, vitamins, rose oil, cotton extracts, shea butters and herbal brightening ingredients, this cleanser helps to soothe, calm skin redness and breakouts. Skin will benefit from the cleanser’s ability to stimulate circulation while nourishing and hydrating skin at the same time. A luxurious feel and scent that will leave skin feeling silky soft and lifting your spirit.

New Age High Energy Intense Matrix: Ensured with pure luxurious and transformative experience, this matrix enriched with 3-layers of powerful anti-aging brightening mechanism. Traditional Chinese herbal medicines as the formula’s base, that will help to sooth, calm and brighten the skin’s complexion. In addition, NAD+ and the Pterostilbene compund that is the most scientific breaktrhough to energize and brighten the skin. 2 Japanese stablized vitamin C with multiple peptides, hyaluronic acid, retinol and vitamins help to further brighten, plump, smooth and improve your aging skin dramatically.

New Age Energy Beauty Cream: The New Age Energy Cream with NAD+ and multiple peptides, help to smooth out the appearance of skin and helps to regain and restore skin vitality. This cream helps to improve dull, sagging skin and minimize enlarged pore size. It also helps to balance skin tones, and helps encourage collagen production in its rejuvenating process, as well as helps to seal the skin to avoid moisture loss. Lastly, this formula helps renew translucency and helps achieve a youthful appearance.

Advanced Energizing Mousse Cleanser: • Use morning and evening • Liberally moisten face with warm water; lather a small amount on face using circular motion and rinse thoroughly with warm water; pat dry before applying additional serums or creams

New Age High Energy Intense Matrix: • Suggested to use am & pm daily • Drop 2~3 drops of the Matrix onto your palm and gently massage onto your whole face for few minutes before you apply any cream

New Age Energy Cream: • Use am & pm daily • Apply cream on clean dry skin two times a day • After using this cream, you can apply your makeup; repeat the same procedure in the evening

CAUTIONS/DISCLAIMERS/TEST PATCH INFORMATION: keep out of eyes. Stop use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.

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