New Age Face & Neck DUO


What is includes:

• New Age Energy Beauty Day & Night Cream (1.7 fl.oz/50ml)
• New Age Energy Neck Therapeutic Cream (2.1 fl.oz/62ml)

What it is:
New Age Anti-aging Facial and Neck Treatment Duo. This DUO contains NAD+, the most advanced 21st century anti-aging science and technology that treat the aging skin in a different approach. Highly concentrated with anti-aging ingredients, customers love this cream with its dramatic efficacy and delicate scent!

The New Age Energy Neck Therapy Cream contains NAD+, the most advanced anti-aging technology to treat the aging skin. It is the future of anti-aging, parallels with the most recent scientific researches and discoveries. Ancient technology with 3-layer silk and Jade extract to help firm, lift, smoothe the neck skin in a most effective way.

Who it is for:
This fantastic duo is ideal for anyone. It is especially effective for anyone whose skin appears dull, sagging or lacks elasticity, who starts to show the signs of wrinkles with dry skin texture, patchy skin with redness, enlarged skin pores or anyone who wants to help achieve glowing and better skin texture with energized youthful looking appearance.

This neck cream is suitable for anyone and all skin types. Particularly for anyone who shows signs of aging with sagging neck skin texture, who has crepe neck wrinkles due to depletion of collagen. Who wants to restore skin elasticity in the neck area and who wants to regain a firm, energized yourthful younger looking appearance in the neck area.

What it does:
This New Age anti-aging Facial and Neck Treatment DUO developed to provide you with the most current science and technology available out there that can give you the dramatic anti-aging results. You will see your skin is much more hydrated, clear plumped, energized, radiant, smooth and yourthful looking. Your neck skin will regain much more firmness, elascitiy, and revitalized appearance.

Both these products will serve as a great addition to your existing skincare regime and help enhance efficacy and results!
Energy Day & Night Cream:
• Use morning and evening daily
• Pump one to two drops, massage onto the skin in an upward circulation motion util completely absorbed.

Energy Neck Therapeutic Cream:
• Use morning and evening on clean dry skin daily
• Pump small amount and massage onto your neck and chin area in a circular motion until completely absorbed

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