Facial Smooth and Radiance DUO


What is includes:

• Jujube Facial Firming Pads (70 pads) • Tibetan Chrysanthemum Matrixyl 3000 Cream (1.7 fl.oz/50ml)

What it is:
Jujube Facial Firming Pads and Chrysanthemum Matrixyl 3000 peptides Cream DUO. Researches have shown that Jujube is rich in natural minerals of sodium, zinc, iron, copper, riboflavin and thiamine etc.. It contains 18 of the 24 amino acids, and it has the 20 times the amount of vitamin C than any citrus fruits. It is called a natural vitamin pill. Combined with western technology and ingredients: Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Glycolic Acid, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Zinc Gluconate, Acetyl Glucosamine,and Witchhazel and Aloe Juice, designed to have Its properties to improve skin brighteness, and firmess. After continued use, skin becomes much more revitalized, hydrated, brighter, firmer, and smoother. Tibetan Chrysanthemum grows on high altitude and has tremendous strong potency for soothing and calming power. With high volume of Matrixyl 3000 peptides, this DUO work synergistically to give you the great anit-aging benefits, your skin will see more firmess, elasticity, luminosity, and brightness which to transform your skin to a much younger looking appearance.
Who it is for:
This DUO is for anyone who has age sports, brown spots with dull, sagging skin texture. Anyone who has wrinkles, and the skin is no longer look youthful, or with patchy skin and redness, enlarged skin pores or anyone who wants to help achieve the glowing and smooth skin texture with energized youthful looking appearance.
What it does:
This Jujube Pads and Tibetan Chrysanthemum DUO developed to brighten your skin, to bring your skin to a smooth, energized texture in the day time, and simultaneously to stimulate and calm the skin in the repairing, rejuvenating and regenerating process in the evening. Promote healthier and more youthful supple skin to achieve a younger looking appearance. After using this DUO, you will see your skin becomes more radiant, more energized, and certainly more younthful and younger looking appearance.

Jujube Facial Firming Pads: • Use either am or pm, once a day. Use one piece of the pad massage onto the clean, dry face and neck area in the circular motion for about 5 minutes. Don’t rinse off the liquid residual on the skin, massage until fully absorbed.

Chrysanthemum Matrixyl 3000 Cream: • Use am & pm daily • After applying the pads, use a small amount of the cream and massage onto the facial and neck skin in the circular motion until it is fully absorbed. ***This product is also available in Auto Delivery.***

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