Bamboo Leaf Youth Restore Eye Serum – 0.70 fl. oz

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What is included:

  • Bamboo Leaf Eye Serum (20ml)

What it is:
This Natural Morocco Rose Oil scented Bamboo Leaf Youth Restore Eye Serum, developed to provide accelerated circulation around eye area for rejuvenating and stimulating. Bamboo leaf has a long history being used in herbal medicine by the Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It is loaded with soluble & insoluble fibre, antioxidants, phytosterols, carotenoids, amino acids, enzymes, protein, chlorophyll, vitamins & trace minerals. The herbals target dark circles, puffiness, fine lines & wrinkles around eyes. This herbal serum is infused with powerful nutrients such as desert living Cistanche, which is one of the most powerful plant extracts.
Who it is for:
This serum is for any one who wants to get rid of eye pufiness, dark circles, fine line and wrinkles around eye area. Anyone who wants to have a youthful healthier younger looking appearance around eyes.
What it does:
This Bamboo Eye Serum is powerful, and effective using a group of traditional Chinese herbal medicines include Bamboo Leafs. Bamboo leaf has a long history being used in herbal mediciine by Asians due to its soluble and insoluble fibre, antioxidnts, phtosetols and carotenoids compositions. It stimulates the circulations around eye area and promotes the performance of eliminating the black-bluish fluid accumulations for ultimate younger looking eyes.
Use AM & PM on clean dry skin, pump one to two drops onto the palm and massage around eye lid and under the eye skin for 3~5 minutes until dry before applying any facial serums/creams • Apply in a circular motion allowing absorption, make sure do not get into the eyes.

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