Angelica Root Youth Restore Foaming Cleanser – 5 fl. oz

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What is included:

  • Angelica Root Youth Restore Foaming Cleanser (5oz/150ml)

What it is:
Angelica Root Youth Restore Foaming Cleanser is a uniquely formulated cleanser that combined traditional Chinese herbal medicines with cutting-edge Western science and technology and ingredients to help purify and detoxify the skin. Angelica Root is a called “all purpose” famale ginseng, it is an ultra gentle cleanser that helps provide energy and helps improve circulation while you clean your face.
Who it is for:
This cleanser is for anyone old or young. It is especially effective for anyone whose skin appears dull due to lack of energy, whose skin looks sagging or lacks of elasticity, who starts to show the signs of wrinkles with dry skin texture or anyone who wants to help achieving a better, clean and purified skin texture with a youthful energized appearance.
What it does:
This ultra gentle cleanser uses an effective formula to help promote clean, hydrated, soft and supple skin. Super potent herbals work in synergy to help remove toxins and free radicals caused by internal and external stress and aging. It helps revitalize skin energy and circulation to help you achieve a younger-looking appearance. It also helps promote clearer, purer and more even balanced skin tone for natural, healthy glow.
Use am & pm daily. Squeeze a small amount on the palm or on the towel, activated by a little amount of warm water and massage onto the face and neck area for about 1~2 minutes, then rinse off using warm water.

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