The First 24 Hour, Viable, Wearable, Water Proof, Breathable, Life-like Synthetic Skin to Diminish Eye Bags & Wrinkles

Invisible, Elastic, Water/Moisture Proof, Fast Results

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For decades scientists have promised a life-like cosmetic “second skin” that mimics the elasticity and smoothness of an unblemished youthful complexion. A viable formula has been elusive up until now. Beyond Flawless Second Skin is a patent-pending, technologically breakthrough world first ever life-like second skin. It uses a simple two-step process that creates a tight, undetectable bond over natural skin in under five minutes, flattening eyebags while covering wrinkles and blemishes. The resilient, breathable layer is swim, sweat and sleep-proof and lasts for up to 24 hours without residue or flaking. The second skin can be peeled off in one piece.
The science behind this beauty breakthrough utilizes a Nobel Prize winning and game-changing composition of materials including medical-grade graphene, the recent discovery proven to be the thinnest yet strongest material on earth, cross-linking with multiple polymers. When combined, the mechanical linking properties of the polymers improve dramatically, making this product safe and viable for the general consumer.

Beyond Flawless™ Second Skin Reduces Under Eye Bags & Wrinkles

Lasts up to 24 hours, the longer you wear it, the better results you get!

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1. It is safe, micro-thin, breathable and mimic human skin

2. It is Invisible & undetectable.

3. It is Self-adhesive clinging to the skin without glue

4. It is comfortable to wear

5. It is Water, Sweat & temperature proof

6. It is flatten eye bags without surgery

7. It is for long-term moisturizing treatment

8. It can endure make up matte powder

9. It Reduces under eye bags in minutes and lasts up to 24 hours

10. It has natural SPF sun protection

11. It contains anti-aging peptides, stabilized vitamin C and extracts C for long-term anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin brightening treatment

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The Below Images Have Not Been Altered in Any Way!
All after images taken within 20 minutes after application!
(* Results May Vary)

Listen To Some Users As They Tell You For Themselves

100% people see the eye bags start to diminish in less than 3 minutes, the longer wearing it, the better results will show throughout the day.

100% people wearing this second skin without being noticed a foreign object over the skin, totally transparent with natural appearance.

100% people wearing it feel skin is more moisturized after hours of using and remove it.

100% people do not have allergy or reaction wearing the “second skin”, feels confortable to wear.


  • Graphene is the Nobel prize winning discovery, a game-changing composition of material. The discovery proven to be the thinnest and strongest material on earth.  When we combine the medical grade graphene with multi-functional polymers, the mechanical linking properties of the polymers improved dramatically, invisibly mimic the human skin, create a viable problem-solving “second skin for those who are suffering with tired and self-depressive old looking appearance.

    (Imagine a material mined from the earth that is stronger than steel, harder than diamonds but as flexible and transparent as saran wrap, with a higher intrinsic mobility than silicon, 100 times more conductive than Copper and comes “packaged” as a thin sheet only 1 atom thick that you can actually see with the naked eye and form into any shape you want. This is Graphene, a form of Graphite being hailed as the miracle material and is breaking through historical scientific limits changing the way we live.) 

  • “Second Skin” reduces under eye bags, tightens and lifts the skin around eyes in minutes.
  •  “Second Skin” lasts up to 24 hours or more.  Besides the instant gratification, the formulations provide long-term anti-aging benefits.
  • It is easy, simple to apply, safe and comfortable to wear. Most of all, you will enjoy a younger looking appearance from day to day with your confidence regaining.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to watch the application tutorial video before I apply to myself?

Yes! It is easy and simple to apply once you understand the application procedure. Since this is world’s first ever developed viable “second skin”, it is new to you, you will need to learn and practice. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time when you do it. Watch the tutorial video and follow the instruction.

Can I use an oil or water based moisturizer while wearing the “second skin”?

No, not directly on the second skin or on the edges. You can apply serum or light cream all over your face(strongly suggest to use Lily’s Ageless Serum and Lily’s New Age, New Era Regimen or Day & Night Cream) at least about an hour before you apply the “second skin” onto your under eye bags.  DO NOT directly onto or near the edges of the “second skin” while you wearing it. You can always apply these serum/cream the whole face, and before you apply the second skin, just use clean watered tissue to wipe the under eye area where you are going to apply.

Can I use makeup while wearing the “second skin”?

Yes, you can! However, in order to maintain the best results, we recommend using dry powdered makeup on the “second skin” especially to cover dark circles.  Best to use Lily Bioceutical™ special developed powder if you have heavy dark circles.

Why it is suggested to use Lily Bioceuticals™ makeup powder, not others?

We formulated the powder extremely loose just for the purpose of this second skin, so it will be evenly spread.

Does medical grade graphene safe to use?

Yes, the medical grade graphene is particularly developed and processed for use in the medical field, therefore, it is certainly safe to use.

Can I use blow dry?

Yes, you can.However, it is not necessary since the “second skin” dries quickly and reacts instantaneously.

Why do I need to close the tube lid immediately after I squeezes the product out?

Because this “second skin” contains ingredients that are very volatile.It is very important for you to put the lid back on as soon as you squeeze the product onto the applicator to avoid the product dry out, make sure to store the product in the cool and shaded area. Never cross-use the lid, silver lid/applicator only used for silver tube product, black lid/applicator only used for black tube product.

Why it is so important that silver applicator to be used with silver tube product and black applicator to be used with black tube product, and not switched or cross-use?

The whole purpose is to let the first layer cream(silver tube product) to react to the second layer serum(black tube product), so if you cross use the lids, the first layer cream will be prematurely activated and ruin the product, even a tiny bit will cause reaction.

Do I have to follow how to apply in order to get the good results?

Yes, in order for your best results, please watch the tutorial video from or, it shows you how to apply the product correctly. Don’t be discouraged if you made mistake the first time, practice several times, you will do it right.

What if I apply too much “second skin” onto to my skin?

Apply too much product will not help to deliver stronger “second skin”, it will in fact ruin the results.

Can I rub the edges of my second skin?

No, you can’t. Remember, this second skin does not have glue, it is naturally clinging to you skin. If you rub the edges, you are going to loosen up the “second skin” and the edges will start to peel off. You should treat wearing this second skin as if you are wearing the mascara or eye liners, don’t rub the area. If you have tearing, all you need to do is use a tissue to press it.

Does this “second skin” has some side effects?

No. The raw materials we use are all either USP grade (United States Pharmacopeia) or NF (National Formulary), it is safe to use.

How long will I start to see results?

In about 5 minutes, the second skin start to dry, you will start to feel the tightening effect. In about 20~30 minutes, you really see the effect of diminish eye bags and smooth skin. When the time goes on, it shows better results.

Can I use on other part of the face?

Since this formula has tightening effect, we do not suggest or encourage you to apply on other part of the face unless you try and made it work yourself.