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Lily's Story & Experience

Growing up in Shanghai, Lily had always been fascinated with the protocols and hierarchy systems that Chinese Herbal Doctors used to treat their patients. As a child she dreamed of becoming a professional ballerina when she grew up, and was very determined to put her best face forward in front of others.

During that time, China was not open to the Western world and was extremely poor. At 10 Lily created her first skin care product. She did so by grinding pearls into powder and added Mulberry Leaves, Angelica Root and Honey. Lily had learned a lot of herbal phytochemical properties and beauty secrets and knowledge from her aunt who was a famous Chinese Herbal Doctor practiced and taught in Shanghai Traditional Medicine Institute. This was the beginning of her dream to help all women look their best on the outside, but more importantly on the inside.

The most impressive memory that Lily has was the amazing young looking appearance of a famous figure Madame Soong May-ling who was the first lady of Taiwan lived to the age of 106 in New York and did not shown much wrinkles on her face even to the end of her life. The secret was Madame Soong had persisted in using the protocol of Chinese herbals internally and externally for activating her vital energy(CHI) circulation of nourishing Yin and Yang balance and therefore, she aged gracefully.

After graduation from college, Lily worked for Chinese Duty Free group. She was the pioneer introduced 1st world brand name skin care products into the Chinese market and opened the doors for the West come to meet the East in the beauty industry.

After her advanced education in the United States in Science and in the Bio-chemistry, Lily had her own business by providing active raw ingredients and formulation complexes to the most famous skin care companies in the world. After decades of experience, Lily decided to fulfill her American Dream by launching this most effective anti-aging skin care treatment product line with groundbreaking technology, which focuses entirely on the energy rebuild to the skin cells with special, one of its kind molecule structure system which catalyzed the most noticeable results. Your skin cells are activated and energized as if they were at your age 20’s and 30s’. Energized skin equals younger looking appearance!